Building a Token Economy

GINKAN is a Japan based startup company building a new economy with blockchain technology and tokens.

As centralized services around the world move towards a decentralized future, we believe a new token economy can be created with a decentralized platform which rewards hidden value with cryptocurrency token rewards.

During this transitional period of blockchain innovation, we hope to serve as a bridge between new technology and the average consumer. Our mission is to build a global token economy with no national boundaries that will bring excitement and happiness to people around the world.


Fastest way to find good restaurants!
SynchroLife - The Smart Food App

SynchroLife is a restaurant recommendation guide built by artificial intelligence.

Forget average scores and paid promotions, whether a restaurant is good or not is subjective and depends on your personal tastes. SynchroLife wants to make restaurant discovery fun and easy again by focusing on you, analyzing each individual user's tastes, lifestyle, and preferences.

The SynchroLife Team will be incorporating blockchain technology and an Ethereum based original token called the "SynchroCoin" (SYC) into the SynchroLife platform starting summer 2018 to create the world's first restaurant recommendation platform with token rewards.

The SynchroCoin token will be used to reward users for their restaurant reviews and other content, used for payments at participating restaurants, used as a "cash back" reward for dining at participating restaurants and more. Our goal is to build a new decentralized global restaurant platform that rewards users for their reviews and photos and helps people around the world discover good restaurants!
(Click to learn more about the SynchroLife Project)

Communication first!
Festar - Hobby Based 10 minute
Chat & Dating App

Festar is a social discovery service that has thrown away the dating app standard of picking based on looks to match people for a 10 minute chat based on their common interests. By communicating first, users build first impressions based on meaningful conversation and are able to test their compatibility right away.

Users can meet new friends and new potential dates instantly based on their common interests and hobbies.

Festar is aiming to use artificial intelligence to analyze interests and communication habits to help people around the world meet new friends and start new conversations.


Press Release - GINKAN
SynchroLife Launches Campaign at 21 Tokyu Plaza Ginza Restaurants: Earn 3% of Your Bill Cashback in Cryptocurrency!
Press Release - SynchroLife Limited
SynchroCoin (SYC) to List on LATOKEN, First Exchange for Restaurant Review Reward Token Used in SynchroLife Token Economy
Press Release - GINKAN
Token Economy Based Restaurant Review Service “SynchroLife” Announces First Restaurant Campaign with Tokyu Plaza Ginza
Press Release - GINKAN
GINKAN Announces Business Alliance and Seed Round of 720,000 USD with Ceres Inc. to Further Grow Token Economy and AI Based Social Restaurant Review Service SynchroLife
Press Release - GINKAN
SynchroLife Releases World’s First Restaurant Review Service with Cryptocurrency Token Rewards for Users
Press Release - GINKAN
SynchroLife Selected for Startup Accelerator Plug and Play Japan’s Fintech Batch 1
Press Release - SynchroLife Limited
SynchroLife attracts worldwide support and gains restaurant ratings in 38 countries in just 3 months!
News: Interview on THE BRIDGE
Interview with Tomochika Kamiya leading up to the SynchroLife token crowdsale
News: Coin Telegraph
SynchroLife announced token crowdsale to create a blockchain based trustworthy restaurant recommendation platform.
Creation of SynchroLife, Limited in Hong Kong
SynchroLife, Limited (Founder CEO Tomochika Kamiya)was created in Hong Kong as the marketing branch of Asian focused international marketing for SynchroLife.
Japanese New Year's holiday closing:
We will be closed from December 27, 2016 to January 3, 2017.
No more swiping and awkward pick up lines! Meet new people with the same interests as you and get chatting right away with “Festar” the hot new dating app from Japan.
Meet new people you share common interests with through a ten minute chat, Realtime Chat App “Festar” Released First 3,000 users to register enjoy the Premium Plan for free!
Japan’s Smart Gourmet App “SynchroLife” Collaborates with Car Hire and Taxi Hailing Service “Uber” for O2O Marketing Campaign Targeting Tokyo Area Users.

Company Info

Bikuseru Shinjuku 1F,
7-26-7 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
160-0022 Japan
Tomochika Kamiya
December 2015
Smart phone application development & management, consulting regarding blockchain technology and original tokens
Smart phone application development & management, consulting regarding blockchain technology